Be Camp Pro
to Sep 12

Be Camp Pro

Be Camp Pro


SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2019

Be Camp is changing lives. We regularly hear words like “life-changing” and “transformational” from Be Campers. For the first time, we’re offering Be Camp Pro to leaders dedicated to improving wellbeing in their organizations. Leaders committed to building and sustaining the world’s best places to work.

Are you looking for new ideas to enhance wellbeing in the workplace? Interested in expanding your network, building meaningful connection and learning from others? Do you want to get better at modeling a better way for your team?

Welcome to Be Camp Pro.

At Be Camp Pro, we tackle topics that invite you to dig deep. We’ll explore courage in the workplace and other organizational hurdles like transparency, authenticity and trust. We’ll share our proprietary Team Wellbeing model and look at how team habits have a direct impact on employee wellbeing. We’ll explore how some managers support a culture of wellbeing and others don’t – and what organizations can do to create systemic change.

Why come to Be Camp Pro?

At Be Camp Pro, you will:

  • Learn how teams and leaders can live (not just talk) wellbeing

  • Meet and learn from other wellness, talent and learning professionals

  • Grow your network

  • Build your influence

  • Renew your energy

  • Determine a plan forward for you, your teams and your organization

You’ll leave with new ideas for expanding wellbeing in your organization, scaling and influencing wellness at work.

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Be Camp
to Sep 8

Be Camp

Be Camp



Join us for a weekend of connection at a stunning, serene woodland retreat.

During Be Camp, we invite you to take a deep breath, look inward, find what feels right, and reconnect with who you really are. Think of it as an opportunity to disconnect from the world, technology, your family and work, in order to reconnect with yourself.

You won’t sleep in a teepee. No trust falls. And, absolutely no touchy-feely platitudes that leave you desperately channeling your inner Stuart Smally (1980’s SNL character - look him up). You’re busy. You don’t have time for BS. We get it.

Instead, you’ll spend time in self-reflection, learning, and trying new things. You’ll kick off simple shifts in brain, body, and behavior as we explore self-renewal and self-care. You’ll also have plenty of time to relax, enjoy a spa service, or curl up next to a cozy fire.

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