Paul Gilbride Helped Me Fundamentally Shift My Approach

When Paul and I started working together, I had recently received feedback that the way I thought I was showing up as a leader was not how others were experiencing me. That disconnect was disconcerting, to say the least, so I turned to a coach to improve my leadership skills. Little did I know the journey that awaited me.

Over the last two years, Paul has helped me not only fundamentally shift my approach to leadership, but the things I’ve learned through his coaching have impacted every aspect of my life. There’s no way I could have done the work I’ve done without his guidance and support along the way.

I’d never experienced coaching before this, and had no idea what to expect. Paul has a way of asking that one question that gets to the heart of the issue. The one that makes you think, even groan when he asks, but unlocks the truth inside yourself. Don’t be fooled–his fun-loving, easy nature is paired with a completely uncanny ability to listen, ask the right questions, and take you on a journey to a place you never even knew existed inside of yourself. He is effective in his ability to relate, disarm, and patiently help uncoil the layers of protection we build to keep our vulnerability from being seen. It’s an honor and privilege to work with him as my coach.

– Kyra C – President, Founder

12 Weeks Working with Paul Gilbride Was Refreshing and Fun

I worked with Paul for 12 weeks.  We started out working on some personal development things and his support, listening skills and strategies were amazing. He helped me to discover some aspects about myself that I hadn’t realized were holding me back and then together we developed strategies for changing my thinking around these. My time with Paul was inspiring and has truly changed what I feel I am capable of.
Because of our work together, I live life happier and more fulfilled. I would highly recommend Paul as a coach, as an accountability partner and as someone who not just listens, but also understands. His humor and down to earth nature was refreshing…and fun.”

– Andrea L.

Paul Gilbride Is An Exceptional Coach

“Paul is an exceptional coach! He has the natural ability to challenge you in ways you never thought were possible. He is highly qualified with great life and corporate experience to help you through any life/ career situation you have.
I consider Paul to be one of my strongest confidants, peers, and loving friend. He helped me through some really rough and unstable career situations and helped give me the confidence and boost I needed to reach my full potential. Thank you Paul for all you did!”

– Roberta O’Keith, Director of Marketing & Sales Strategy at VinSolutions, Mission, Kansas

One of The Greatest Opportunities Presented to Me Was Working with Paul Gilbride

One of the greatest opportunities presented to me was working with Paul to help me regain my confidence and rediscover my true course and motivation.  After extended months of dealing with multi-tasking, stress, and self-doubt driven by conflicting feedback I reached out to Paul to help me out of the storm I found myself in.  His approach to understanding, relating and identifying the true areas where I needed support to correct my course and doing so by completely including me in the process were outstanding.  Acting as a sound board, providing objective reflection and challenging me to trust my instincts has helped me regain my course to see the greater opportunities available and navigate through the noise.

– Mike Donahue

Working with Paul Gilbride Has Proven to Be Valuable for My Career

I can tell you that the experience I’ve had working with Paul has proven to be perhaps the most valuable for me so far. During our early conversations, Paul had me take the ELI Assessment. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical initially, as I had taken several profile tests in the past where the value of the results these assessments produced typically fell short of what my expectations were. However, what makes the ELI assessment different from the rest is not only the type and depth of information it uncovers, but more importantly, the “debrief” time spent with Paul as he interprets your results. This truly was an eye opening experience for me, as it provided insight into my personality at a level I had never experienced before. Listening to Paul interpret my results was like listening to someone read the “Instruction Manual” to my life. Working with Paul through this assessment interpretation made it a rather easy decision to continue working with him in a 1-on-1 coaching situation. After all, we can’t truly become the best version of ourselves until we first truly understand who we are.

– Jason K, Medical Surgical Product Rep.

I Feel More in Control of Both My Life and Career after Working with Paul Gilbride

As a busy, working mom of two young girls, it’s easy to go to a place in my mind that feels like I have to choose between where I focus my time and energy. With Paul’s help over the last year, I feel more in control of both my life and career. With the practical tools and action steps Paul helps me with, I see choices and tradeoffs versus constantly needing to find balance. I’m more present with my husband and children and have reconnected with my passion for work. Paul, I’m grateful for your expertise, accountability, and empathy during our coaching process – THANK YOU!

– Nikki P, Client Relationship Manager