Individual Leadership Coaching

Pick whatever definition of a leader that resonates with you. It could be definitions crafted by Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, Brene’ Brown, Seth Godin or Jack Welch. In most cases it’s not what we define as a good leader that makes the difference—but how we get there.

We move up the ranks in corporate America largely on our ability to do the job we have been asked to do. Then, one day, we are moved up to a position where we not only do the job we are asked to do, but we are in charge of others and making sure they are able to do the job they have been asked to do. And the further we move up the ladder, the more the pendulum swings toward being in charge of others and making sure they are able to do the job they have been asked to do. And then one day….we realize we are the one determining the job we are asking people to do.

Here’s the rub. Our training is heavily loaded towards doing the job, not leading the people. Being in a leadership position does not make you a leader. Your choices and training make you a leader. And it starts with realizing you need to shift your mindset from “It’s my job to get this done.”, to “It’s my job to make sure this gets done.” BIG. DIFFERENCE.

You are not alone if you feel you could use support becoming a better leader. Here is how I can help.

Clarity. Values. Emotional Intelligence. Courage. Self-Awareness. Alignment. Vision. Authenticity.

If you understood what these mean to you, do you believe you would be a better leader? We can’t see our own blind spots, or have the ability to get out of our own way, or have the support to challenge ourselves in a way only an outside perspective can. This is how I help, and this is how I do it.

First and foremost, my coaching is organic. Everyone is different and that is a foundational principal in my ability to be the best coach for you.

I always recommend getting started with an assessment tool. The ones I use extensively are:

The Energy Leadership Index

EQi 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

These assessments kick-start the process and help us discover together what makes you tick, what works, what does not and where your opportunities are.

Often it helps to know where you stand in the eyes of others, in these cases I recommend a 360 assessment. The one’s I use are:

The Energy Leadership 360

EQi 360 (Emotional Intelligence)

Based on the information we discover from the assessments and your personal objectives, we devise a coaching strategy that works for you. The only thing I know for sure is you will come out the other end as a better leader. I would guarantee it but in this profession we are taught to shy away from such proclamations so I will stick with….take my word for it.